Troops Head’n Home

$192 + Gallery Fees

If Interested, Please Contact Loft Gallery at Black Dog Salvage for shipping/ purchase. Main Phone: (540) 343-6200 Located in Roanoke, Virginia. USA See below for Gallery Hours.

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Framed 8in x10in (Original 5.5in x 7.5in)
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Original Watercolor on Paper
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Artwork’s Story: WWII Troops about to board a passenger steam train and head home. Piece is currently at the Loft Gallery. Originally inspired by the Old Town Model Railroad Depot in Old Town, CA. This museum, which has been discontinued, featured a beautiful 20′ x 60′ tabletop layout of a nigh time 1940’s city scene. Featured here is the station, a crowd favorite with WWII troops. I enjoyed the nostalgia portrayed here and had recently transitioned out of the Navy. I represented the feeling of night with various shades of blue and used a mineral called Blue Apatite mixed with Hematite to get the granulation in the background and the darkest values. The color pattern was inspired from Van Gough’s French café scenes at night where he liberally used blue and yellow to juxtapose the night with artificial lighting. Notice the third middle Rail which denotes it is a Lionel “O-27” gauge model railroad. Serviceman deserve to be honored and this piece is meant to do that!

Howe to own this Original: This piece is sold though our gallery partner called the Loft Gallery at Black Dog Salvage, Roanoke, VA. Please ask for Sarah or Koiner Thomas and they will be able to help you!

Main Phone: (540) 343-6200 If you live near VA, they’re located near downtown Roanoke!
Monday – Tuesday: 9 am – 5 pm

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday – Saturday: 9am – 5pm

Sunday: 11 am – 4 pm

Main Phone: (540) 343-6200 If you live near VA, they’re located near downtown Roanoke!

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