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Discover giftshop & décor solutions inspired by 5 continents

Experience “Railroad Art” inspired by 15 different US states and 7+ different countries. Have your industry understood with our 24+ years of Railfanning and Art making. We specialize in your Business: Railway Tourism and Industry.

With Customized Artworks, you attract a wider customer base through intentional branding and promotion. Key benefits include: 

  • Offer ‘One-of-a-Kind’ Products:                                                 No one else creates products that are tailored to your unique origin story. Whether Art reflects your Historic Location, Rolling Stock or Railroad Artifacts; KNOW that you will enrich your customer’s experience with tangible memories.                                                                                                  

  • Increase Your Revenue:                                                                 When you have higher end products you attract higher end clientele. It creates exclusivity and justifies your ability to raise your giftshop prices. One Museum reported on average a 25% increase on Postcard Sales alone. Customers already love what you do and are looking for more ways to support you!                                                                                                                     
  • Grow Your Brand Awareness :                                                    YOU are our top priority. We make sure your organization is well represented on every product we create. We offer 4 unique services to work with your operating budget. FREE: Click below to get your First Art Sample today. (a $75 value)                                                     
'Steam Dreams in Daylight' PAINTING SAMPLE for the Old Town Model Railroad Depot
"I think the pricing actually sounds pretty good. I would be interested in the postcards and the 11 x 17 posters. I would love to see samples."
Old Town Model Railroad Depot Logo
Mana M.
Owner & Retail manager

Our custom branding services


Old Town Model Railroad Depot Logo
Virginia Museum of Transportation
San Diego Model Railroad Museum


Creating unique works of art for train museums that reflect the ‘Adventurous spirit’ and nostalgia of the Railway World.

Translating my Military and Travel experiences across 5 continents into Impressionistic archival mementos.

Original designs with an approachable, easy-to-work-with style that my clients love to refer to their friends.

Adam Hansen Railroad Artist

Adam Hansen
Railway Culture Artist
Monterey, CA

Taking your giftshop or organization to the next level!

The Railway giftshop is where your customer’s experience gets translated into tangible memories. You want to showcase products that will share your organization’s story long after their visit. I want to help you create those loyal patrons that will keep telling their experience over and over again to friends, family and more!

One of the things I hear from my clients is how much they enjoy the custom aesthetic I bring to their organization. Maybe it’s the museum walkthrough we did together to share their organization’s rich history and popular exhibits with me, knowing they had a hand in designing their special piece or simply knowing that each piece I create is unique.  Either way, having my Railway Paintings in your giftshop adds to the already custom brand you’ve worked so hard to create.



On average, Initial pieces can take 3-4 months to create based on quantity and size. Allow an additional 6-8 weeks for creation of merchandise from our Printing House located in San Diego, CA. Having a conversation with me and deciding on the sample concept(s) gets you on the list.

Your first Sample Painting (by picture only) is FREE, each successive concept painting varies based on desired size and quantity. Once we’re agreed you will get exclusive Wholesaler access to our Postcard, Cards and Poster Collections (*For Wholesalers ONLY). Fine Art Reproductions are also available for Retail and Originals for Consignment. *Note, before I begin work, I will provide you with a sketch based on our conversation along with a Wholesale price sheet and a firm timeframe. A 50% deposit is required to begin work with the balance due upon completion.

Absolutely. No brushstroke or color mixture is the same and so while I use the same materials all the time, they way they express themselves through my work is completely unique. I also value my clients input as well, creating works that reflect their desire as well as mine.

Yes. I am a plein air and studio artist. I prefer to work on location when available and offer live painting and art demonstrations for Cooperate and Public events. I am also a Public Speaker for hire and am an advocate for public and private Rail Travel/ Improving National Infrastructure and Historic Rail preservation.

Yes. I am a proud stay at home Dad with two children. I only do 5 commissions a year and charge by the Square In. Each piece is hand framed and personally gift wrapped for your special someone or yourself! Be sure to click the ‘Commissions’ section under the ‘SHOP’ tab to maximize your commission experience. Join my email list for exclusive news on when my commissioning window opens every year in February!

It takes 5 different countries for me to make your vision come to life. I’ve searched and use only the highest quality archival materials so your painting can last for decades to come. Paper is Milled in Fabiano, Italy; Vosges, France or St. Cuthbert, Wales. Paints and materials are domestically mixed in CA and WA State, USA. Brushes are handmade in Barcelona, Spain. Your vision is worthy and only the finest materials should be used to make it!

‘Earthen Elements’ refers to the paints used to create your original or custom artwork. Alongside traditional watercolors I use specialized paints made from pulverized semi-non-precious stones and or minerals. This is the “special touch” I use to capture textures and form throughout my body of work. All Earthen Paints are ground sustainably in Seattle, WA and are Professional archival quality with excellent 100+ to indefinite lightfastness. All to say your investment will last multiple generations as long as the artwork is not displayed in direct sunlight and handled with respect. All pieces are framed by our team in house with our High Quality specifications, are Acid Free and show ready for any Gallery, Restaurant, Giftshop, Public Transit area, Venue or Business/Home space.

Any painting can be converted into custom train merchandise

Adam Hansen Painting next to a Steam Engine

I take commissions from clients in any of the styles I make including sculptural art baskets with or without branches, fireplace mantel sculptures and/or wall hangings.  Ask me about your idea by clicking the button under Let’s get started!

  • Pictures/ Posters, Postcards, Cards
  • Fine Art Reproductions, Limited Editions
  • Puzzles and Pillows


If you’d like to have a conversation with Matt about creating a special piece for your home, then please take a moment to complete the form to the right. Adam will personally respond to you within 48 hours.  If you’d prefer a phone call, just include your number and the best time to call.  Thanks!

YOUR unique railway experience:

CUSTOM train merchandise FOR TRAIN GIFTSHOPS, Railway Hotels, restaurants, SCENIC TRAIN RIDES and museums. Any railroad themed or affiliated industries.

With over my 24+ of Railroading experience and art making, the thing I enjoy most is listening to people’s tales and retelling them in captivating memorable ways. Now I want to help you tell your story through compelling visual narrative. Specialized Railway paintings to compliment your Organization’s brand story is my mission so happy patrons can retell it over and over again. Paintings can be converted into Travel size artwork with postcards, cards easy to roll posters. For your die hard patrons we offer numbered Fine Art Prints and Limited Editions featuring textured effects, canvas and holographic papers. Each print comes numbered with a certificate of authenticity and we offer consignment on originals for your most devoted supporters and Unique Gift seekers.

It’s an honor to have my work in some of the most prestigious Railroad museums in the country and to work with clients who take their personalized train experiences as seriously as I take my work.  

I’m so glad you’re interested in working with me to design a special creation for your Railroad Organization. Here’s how the process typically works:

1.You may have seen my work either on this website, a show, museum giftshop or even in a friends home.  Regardless, you’re interested and you want to know more.  

2.You’re thinking of that perfect scene in your museum that would look great as custom train merchandise, whether it might be the Historic Steam Engine, an old Railway signal, a special train artifact from a bygone era or another popular spot.

3.It’s important for my clients to agree on a given display or element they want rendered or have me come and do a visit where I can take pictures of the space, sketch and get a feel for the overall experience and brand story.  During this part of the process, I’m also happy to work with your Giftshop Manager or Marketing Director to make sure the piece(s) accurately represent your organization and messaging.

4.Once I understand what your desires are, in addition to giftshop wall space availability and budget I am then able to do an artist rendering of the design(s).  In addition, I might also have something in my current inventory that would suit your needs, or that I could customize to your specific requirements.

5.The pencil drawing(s) is always a first draft and is the basis for beginning the sample(s)/project.  Once the design and timeframe for the project is approved, a 50% deposit is submitted by the client and I begin work.

6.Throughout the project, I can photograph your project, upon request, otherwise I will work diligently to produce you a final artwork.  Once I’m done, I photograph the completed piece just to make sure you’re happy.  

7.Finally, Once the piece is completed our Print house partners will generate the designs we’ve agreed upon. Creation and Shipping can take 8-10 weeks so please plan in advance for special holidays. For most of my larger Original Art pieces (30 x 40in) for Museum permanent collections, I am happy to come to your Organization  to install the piece at no additional charge.  If you live out of state, we will arrange shipping to your Organization.

Are you interested in having me design your next best selling giftshop products or collection of pieces for your Organization (Originals and Fine Art Giclee/ Prints, Canvas or wall-skins?  Excited? Let’s Begin! Just complete the form by clicking the button below and I’ll be happy to get back in touch with you at my earliest convenience.  Or, if you’d like, simply email me directly.  There’s no obligation and I’m always happy to have a personal conversation about your project.

Commercial Art

Your new building walls are bare and your looking for wall art. We can HELP! Whether you have a Doctor’s Office, a Hotel or a Restaurant in a Historic Building we offer custom canvas & Giclee Fine Art Prints and even Wall skins. How does it work…? 

We’ve partnered with with a Premiere Printing house based in San Diego, CA that uses state of the art German and Swiss technology to create high Quality Prints. Our Partners are the best at what they do and are sought after by Disney Corporation themselves as well as major Hotels and Hospitals within the greater San Diego and Los Angeles areas. 


THE artistic PROCESS

Unique Railway Paintings like the one below (The Original is also available for Consignment also) are handmade after doing a site visit to the organization of my clients or working from photos and media provided. Once I understand my client’s vision and have offered my thoughts, I create a sketch sample  based on Rolling stock and Railroad Artifacts that I feel will best work with the vision for the project.  This ensures my clients a very accurate idea of what their finished artworks, Giclee Fine Art prints or customized merchandise will look like.  Upon their approval of the sketch, I begin work and provide images along the way, if requested, in order to get feedback from my clients.  When I am done, a final image of the piece is emailed to the client for their approval.  


San Diego Model Railroad Museum
Train Art on Postcards



Our Studio is currently based out of the Monterey, CA area. If you would like to discuss the Artist doing a live painting demonstration or talk for your next event, (fundraising or community related), please fill out the form by clicking the button so we can make your event even more enjoyable for you, your guests and patrons. 

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Steam On!

Adam Hansen

Fine Artist & Travel Guide
American Society of Railway Artists