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Does a piece look interesting but to small or not sure if it’ll work with your overall interior space? Ever wish you could add your favorite colors into a piece you can uniquely identify with? Maybe your best friend, grandfather or relative worked on the Railroad and you want to commemorate their time.

Well I can help with ALL of that!

Hi my name is Adam and I enjoy helping people by taking my passion for the Railway and fusing it into Original Artworks for you or your loved ones. If you’re interested in an original Commissioned piece please fill out our ‘Custom Art Inquiry’ below. (An Inquiry is NOT binding and does NOT commit you to a project, it’s designed to be a conversation for us to start dreaming together.) We’ve highlighted some common questions below for you to save you time and energy! Reach out and Let’s discuss if Custom Art is right for you!

Some common questions:
A: Yes, Each piece of Artwork is handcrafted by myself and as I work with you to discover your true desires for your home and overall aesthetic. I use Mineral Infused Watercolors with traditional watercolors/ aqua based media to create my own unique voice and style. I also enjoy using Wax, Salt and other various elements to create texture and Impressionistic visions of the world around us.
A: By trade my medium is Watercolor, I create my own unique voice by accenting my paintings with specialized Mineral paints to include Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and Amethyst to name a few. All 36 paints are sourced “Indiana Jones style” from all over the world using various semi-precious stones and ground in Seattle, WA.
A: Yes, All Artwork comes matted and framed with Archival, Acid Free Gallery Quality Mat and Aluminum frame with wire hanging system, unless otherwise specified in your inquiry. The Color Lightfastness of my paints is 100+ years to indefinite when stored in a Gallery/ Museum setting. If placed is a home without direct light it can last for your lifetime and multiple generations over.
A: No, I open commissions every February so I can give opportunity to anyone who wants an original piece of Artwork in my style. Keep in mind my specialties are Trains, Mechanical details, Landscapes, and Urbania.
A: I understand many people would like a Still life, Pet portraits and or Family portraits all of which I am capable of doing, but my best works come from my specialties listed above. If you like my style and want to proceed, I encourage you to fill out the google form and I will let you know if you’re project is a good fit for the both of us or not.

A: Keep a watch on your email! Time is of the essence. After your initial inquiry via the Google Form I will accept or defer your request. Before official Acceptance, I will touch base with you via email, Zoom or phone call to clarify your desired project with a quote and projected timeline.

After we’re agreed you need to 1.) sign and resend our Letter of Understanding (which I will provide via your email) AND 2.) pay the 50% non-refundable Deposit Invoiced via your email. THEN and ONLY THEN will you officially be added to the Commissions list for the current year. If you take too long to respond I will unfortunately need to move on to the next Inquiry (in the order they were received) until I fill my 5 seats for the year.

I appreciate your time and patience. I will respond to the Google Forms in the order they were received ONLY during 9am PST Wednesday February 15th, 2023 – until 4pm Wednesday February 22nd, 2023 when I have to leave to pick up my children. If projects are canceled, I will reach out to the remaining Google Forms, otherwise look for my email saying all spots are filled and please consider reapplying next year February 2024.


A: Each piece normally takes 3-4 months currently and a 50% deposit is required to secure your spot and delivery timeline. I have a HIGH standard for Customer Service and ask that have enough between customers to fully serve them with excellence. Once we’re agreed, I’ll send you the Invoice and a firm deadline. Time varies based on number of pieces desired. *Please note: All paintings are original pieces that are handcrafted with care and precision. I am not a machine and am a Veteran Owned Business with a family.

A: I also provide custom merchandising services to Railway museums all across the US and available worldwide. I have multiple art accounts with Private and Commercial clients so having only 5 currently allows me to focus on my marriage and being a Stay at Home Dad to my 2 kids. There is only one of me and can only produce so many artworks in my lifetime as each piece is custom made with precision and care. Thanks for your understanding until further notice.


A: I charge by the square inch and typically the larger you’re painting the more of a price break you receive. For instance if you commission a piece larger than 22 inches x 30 inches I reduce my per square inch price and again at 40 Inches x 60 Inches.


A: Yes, if the artwork arrives damaged or unsalvageable as deemed by the Artist we will replace your commission with a like or similar piece of Artwork at no additional cost. Replacement time varies based on current work schedule and will be handled on an individual case-by-case basis.  Otherwise, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We appreciate your understanding and investment into your Original Artwork/ Family Heirloom and my profession as an Artist. As Southwest Airlines says, “We know you have other options, Thanks for choosing us!” -AdamHansenArt

Custom Art Inquiry Questions

Let’s create something one of a kind together!

Please answer this short 10 Questionnaire so we can have a conversation about your desires and I can serve you to my fullest capacity.


Thanks for your Commission Inquiry!We’ll be in touch soon!

Be sure to watch the video or click through the questions above for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or go to the ‘Contact’ Tab above. We’re glad to give you a quote or clarify anything!

Adam Hansen 

Fine Artist, Travel Guide, Train Enthusiast 

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Adam Hansen

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