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Adam Hansen Painting next to a Steam Engine

Artist Bio

Since He can remember Adam has been inspired to draw and ride trains. Through his years of art instruction and education he has experimented heavily with acrylics, oil pastel, watercolor and mixed media. He is a proud Husband, Father of Two and Naval Veteran.

Adam’s unique artistic expression combines mixed media with Mineral Infused Watercolors. These traditional and specialized watercolors are harvested around the world “Indiana Jones Style” and are processed by Daniel Smith in Seattle, WA. He uses the finest materials with 100% Acid Free Cotton Rag milled in Fabriano, Italy (since 1264) and handmade brushes from Escoda in Barcelona, Spain. His artworks are collected both privately and commercially throughout the United States and his style is described as Representational or Contemporary Impressionism. Complimentary Interior design styles include Industrial, Vintage, Post Modern and Modern Farmhouse Décor.

His degree came from the prestigious Virginia Military Institute having studied Arabic Language and Middle Eastern Culture. He applies his unique background to bring fresh cultural perspectives into his artworks. Before Adam entered the military, He was very intentional to re-discover what was most important in his life and what gives others life. The Artist’s profession was born out of these arduous growth experiences in the Naval service. Artistic Inspiration comes from his personal and military travels navigated across Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States.

For Adam trains are symbols to represent childlike wonder, importance of community, and the inspiration of travel. He also uses his art to raise awareness about human trafficking, mental disorders, homelessness and isolation. He delights in representing nostalgia, community and beauty using Machinery and Architecture juxtaposed with People and Landscapes. He seeks to capture these feelings doing extensive Plein Air work.

Throughout his time, he has been privileged to take a workshop with the world’s living leading watercolor artist, Joseph Zbukvic from Melbourne, Australia. He has also been able to apprentice Daniel Smith Brand Ambassador Gabriel Stockton for over a year and paint alongside and learn from notable Artists such as Keiko Tanabe, Geoff Allen, and Luis Juarez in San Diego, CA. Then Streamline Publishing has afforded Adam the ability to learn from Living Master’s from around the world during their annual Watercolor Live Conferences and be personally mentored by professionals such as Laurin McCracken, Matthew Bird, George Politis from Greece, Alex Hillkurtzs from France, Brienne Brown and many more. He is an active member within the American society of Railway Artists and the International Guild: Created to Thrive Mentoring Program with Matt Tommey featured in the Smithsonian.

Now Adam focuses primarily on helping people create custom artworks for their Commercial spaces as well as provide specialized Merchandise for Railroad themed businesses and non-profit organizations. These include eateries, professional offices, AirBnBs, Train Museums and Scenic Railroad Gift Shops. He is also passionate about Home space solutions and takes commissions upon request. You can stay in touch with Adam by joining his email or various social media channels. Please find our quick links below.

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                                                                       Adam painting on his custom handmade easel created in 1967 next to a Steam Engine

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Adam Hansen

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