Santa Fe Depot, Eastern View San Diego


Historic 1915 Santa Fe Railroad Depot in Modern Downtown San Diego, California. See below to learn more about the Artwork’s Story and Archival Properties.

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Framed 20in x 16in (Original 15in x 11in)
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Original Watercolor on Paper

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Artwork’s Story: The tracks in front of the station are still actively used by the State Metro, Amtrak and the Local MTS. It gets windy so I had to stand outside of the current so my hands didn’t freeze. located 2 blocks away from the USS Midway museum and attached in the Modern Museum of Art. This is a great stop for any outing in San Diego, CA. The architecture amidst the modern day buildings presents a unique Then and Now feel that I desired to capture. The birds are regular actors in the scene here.

A Brief History: The 1915 Santa Fe Depot was actually a remodel from the late 1880’s Victorian style Railway Station that San Diego first built? Why all the Fuss? In 1915 San Diego launched it now famed Balboa Park meant to capture to beauty and wonder of South America. San Diego was discouraged multiple times by San Francisco (who won the official bid to showcase to Panama Canal’s Completion), but despite their efforts Balboa Park was a tremendous success and this station would have been the first thing dignitaries from Washington D.C. would have seen. The Spanish Baroque/ Mission style represented here was meant to compliment the park’s many exhibition buildings that still stand today.

Archival Properties: Original Watercolor using Mineral Infused Watercolors of Serpentine and Jadeite Genuine. (*From Paint Manufacturer, Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors: Piemontite Genuine is a deep amethyst color in masstone and is produced from piemontite found in the hills of Italy.) Piece is available and comes Framed, Matted ready to hang. Frame is Matte Black Aluminum, Plexiglass, Archival Quality Mat, Colors used 100+ year lightfastness, wire hanging system. All pieces hand stamped with Artist’s Seal on back. Price of Artwork covers Framing, Shipping and Insurance to your door or chosen location. Great Gift for a Park or Fountain enthusiast!

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