Signal 2644, Old Town Station


Signal numbers indicate station stops for passenger crew members. Painting uses Mineral Infused Watercolors Sodalite and *Piemontite Genuine. See below for Artwork’s Story and Archival Properties.

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Framed 20in x 16in (Original 15in x 11in)
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Original Watercolor on Paper

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ARTWORK’s Story: Are you coming or Going? Numbers signify destinations for railway workers. Whether you’ve just arrived at Old Town San Diego or desire to head downtown this curve creates brilliant contrast in the noontime San Diego sun. It was painted ‘en plein air’ on the Amtrak platform as trains whooshed by in and out of the station. It provides excitement as you transition from the shadows to the light.

Archival Properties: Original Watercolor using Mineral Infused Watercolors of Sodalite , and Piemontite Genuine. (*From Paint Manufacturer, Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors: Piemontite Genuine is a deep amethyst color in masstone and is produced from piemontite found in the hills of Italy.) Piece is available and comes framed, matted ready to hang. Frame is matte black aluminum, plexiglass, archival quality mat, colors used 100+ year lightfastness, wire hanging system. All pieces hand stamped with Artist’s Seal on back. Price of artwork covers framing. Great Gift for a Train or Travel Lover!

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