The Road less Traveled


Monterey-Salinas Railway spur entrance to Balloon Loop about to overlook Monterey Bay.

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Framed 16in x 20in (Original 11in x 15in)
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Original Watercolor on Paper

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Artwork’s Story: The morning sun brilliantly illuminates the sides of old rail lines. The distant tree line beckons passerby’s to explore what’s just around the corner. Local Railroad lines are often forgotten once they are no longer serviced. This view can often be seen driving south on Highway One just after being greeted by the Seaside City Limit sign. The new Handcar Tours Co. now operates a portion of the previous Monterey-Salinas Railroad. The line is best known for Union Pacific hauling millions of canned sardines to US Serviceman around the world during WWI and WWII.

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Adam Hansen

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American Society of Railway Artists