Classic Steam Engine showcasing Pennsylvania Railroad Engine no. 1361. Inspired by the Railroader’s Memorial Museum from Altoona, PA. See Below for Artwork’s Story. All Giclée prints come with a numbered certificate of authenticity for each designated size

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Artwork’s Story: This was my first major Railroad Museum that I ever visited as a child. This experience deeply imparted to me not only a love of trains, but the vast importance that the Railroads have played in shaping American Culture and Commerce. This piece to me represents a fundamental shift in my life from once Military minded to transitioning to back to my childhood and sharing my dreams and talents with others. It is therefore the re-occurring image that you will see most throughout my marketing and advertising. The mystery and wonder of steam will live on for future generations when you purchase prints and support our Veteran owned and operated Company. Now you know the story behind our Slogan “Steam On!”

Adam Hansen

Other Print Sizes include:
8in x 12in
12in x18in
16in x 24in

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Steam On!

Adam Hansen

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