Pepper Grove playground, Balboa Park


Family walking towards Pepper Grove Playground with spacious eucalyptus tree in the background. See below for Artwork’s story and Archival Properties.

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Framed 14in x 11in (Original 11in x 7.5in)
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Original Watercolor on Paper

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Artwork’s story: Plein Air painting on location can sometimes be peaceful or a thrill. The lighting for the park is cool in the background because I painted it in the early morning while the marine layer of clouds was just starting to burn off. Just before lunchtime you can often hear children giggling or shouting with delight as they charge in and throughout the various pepper groves here (see tree line in painting behind domed pavilion) . This park derives it’s name from the surrounding semi-circle of Peppercorn trees. Balboa Park is also a congregating sight for San Diego’s homeless and some have mental disorders, but most are genuine people looking for community or sustenance. Minerals used include Serpentine and Jadeite, read more below.

Archival Properties: Archival Properties: Original Watercolor using Mineral Infused Watercolors of Serpentine and Jadeite Genuine. (*From Paint Manufacturer, Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors: Jadeite Genuine is made from the more strongly colored of the two minerals known as jade – the other is Nephrite. Used for eons in China and Central America. From deep, dark-green mass tone to the palest wash, it creates all the exquisite shades we think of when we think of jade. Piece is available and comes Framed, Matted ready to hang. Frame is Matte Black Aluminum, Plexiglass, Archival Quality Mat, Colors used 100+ year lightfastness, wire hanging system. All pieces hand stamped with Artist’s Seal on back. Price of Artwork covers Framing. Great Gift for a Park or Nature Lover!

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