Balboa Gatehouse, San Diego CA


Balboa Park Gatehouse just before crossing over the bridge to the California Tower in San Diego’s beautiful central park area. See below for Artwork’s story and Archival Properties.

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Framed 11in x 14in (Original 7.5in x 11in)
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Original Watercolor on Paper

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Artwork’s Story: It was a classic sunny day in San Diego. The park was in it’s dry summer season and I had several joggers as well as happy dogs behind me at the park while I painted. This piece warmed my heart as it was my first juried piece with Barbara Tapp into her San Diego Watercolor (SDWS) Society Show. She exclaimed “I like the way he rendered his architecture” which is a hallmark in many of my paintings. I hope this unassuming accent building at the end of the park’s main bridge creates a sense of Mystery and adventure for you as we imagine leaves and debris swirling in the wind.

A Brief History: Balboa Park is a wonder within itself. Born out of a desire to beautify the city and help put San Diego (a once small fishing town) on the map. The outskirts of city limits then was transformed into a beautiful Oasis by Kate Sessions and many others to announce the completion of the Panama Canal. This now major city would become the first major US port after Eastern ships passed through the canal and would begin trading along the western seaboard.

Archival Properties: Original Watercolor using Mineral Infused Watercolors Hematite. Piece is available and comes Framed, Matted ready to hang. Frame is Matte Black Aluminum, Plexiglass, Archival Quality Mat, Colors used 100+ year lightfastness, wire hanging system. All pieces hand stamped with Artist’s Seal on back. Price of Artwork covers Framing. Great accent for a home or office waiting area. Limited palette creates calming harmonious effects.

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