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Crossroads Blog Hello!

Welcome to Crossroads: Your intersection between the Railway and Art World.

My Goals for this Blog are simple.

1.) Offer you a unique and in-depth perspective on what’s happening at Adam Hansen Art.

2.) Share with you my passion for creating Art and Chasing Trains while we simultaneously exploring where these two worlds “CROSS” roads in between for fun!

3.) Overall create and find a community of like-minded individuals who I can share, motivate and encourage in their Art, Train and Life Journeys!

Various Subjects that I will cover include, but are not limited too. I plan to Alternate between Art, Train and Life Updates so The Art Collector, Train Lover and Curious Bystanders all have something to look forward too! Thanks for taking an interest in my life and I look forward to sharing my Art and Train journeys in future Blog posts.

***For fun, read my in-depth descriptions below for what the Blog offers for the ‘Art Collector’, ‘Train Aficionado’ and ‘Curious bystander’*** 😉

Welcome to Cross Roads!


Adam Hansen

For Art Collectors, Appreciators and fellow Artists: New and exciting opportunities for the Adam Hansen Art (A.ha!) Email Community. Never miss an update or special offer: Join here! Exclusive product releases Latest Pieces Access to Commissioning Our Newest Art installations and Exhibitions The Stories behind the Art pieces How I’m pushing the bounds in the Art world with my materials and medium(s) watercolor, Gouache, Mixed Media. Local and Community Partnerships Public Speaking engagements and Conferences I attend or teach at List of our Retailers Wholesale Opportunities (separate list?) Art History Making and Creation Interior Design problem solving Home Decor Ideas Art Museums Watercolor Tips Color Theory and Mixing Paper Selection Brush Selections featured Artist’s Inspirational messages

For Railway Aficionados: Scenic Train Ride Opportunities, Modern Train Travel and Tips Railway Station Reviews Railway Non Profit Organizations to Support Railway History, International and Domestic Find Steam Engines to visit My Train Journeys Model Railroading Garden Railways Train Conventions to attend.

The Curious Bystander: Travel that encompasses Culinary experiences, History and Culture. Architecture Floriculture The Art and Making and enjoying Tea with yourself and others Bagpipes Faith Marriage Parenting (Funny Life Moments!) Family Friendships

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Steam On!

Adam Hansen

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